The Space Between
MAY 2020 

Thesis catalog for Class of 2020 Integrated Design at Parsons 

The Integrated Design Program at Parsons is a self-directed design major that consists of research-based studios. Students are able to explore a range of making techniques that can be applied to systems, services, and societies. 

After four years at Parsons, I was excited to work on a catalog to showcase our thesis projects with my fabulous classmates. It was important to us that we create something to compliment the diverse body of work that came from 52 students. 

We collectively chose the title ‘The Space Between’ and watched it take on even more significance in the face of an evolving global pandemic. It started out as a metaphor for our projects and turned into ‘the space between my parents bedroom and I’ as COVID-19 changed our lives and we faced the reality that we would no longer have an in-person exhibition. 

The Space Between became ".. a platform for artists, designers, social justice leaders, thinkers, and artisans to reflect jointly on the concepts of change."